Why we are excited to Vote for Steuart Pittman for County Executive!

Read Steuart Pittman’s Guest Column and check out his website: https://www.pittmanforpeople.com and you will see why we can’t wait to vote for him! Endorsed by teachers, firefighters, police, Maryland Leage of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club and the list goes on!


An excerpt from Steuart Pittman’s Guest column:

Steve Schuh’s problems started on day one when he brought back the inner circle of jailed county executive John Leopold to run his administration. Unfortunately, the same old siege mentality of the Leopold years came back with them. They were trained to protect the boss, rather than to serve the citizens.

I believe that the County Council, the auditor and the taxpayers of this county should be seen by the county executive as allies, regardless of their political affiliation. This is not Washington, we can — and must — work together.

As your next county executive, I will introduce ethics and transparency reforms to address the frustrations that I hear at our community forums.

Link to article in The Capital:  http://digitaledition.capitalgazette.com/html5/mobile/production/default.aspx?pubid=8b1fea6b-b045-4d93-97a0-18b26dbb2c3b

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