Book Drive for Incarcerated Women

Lori Stokes and Vanessa Bright co-organized our awesome book drive this summer for How-To-Books and inspiring books for the Women’s Prison and for the Juvenile detention centers (which continued through October).  They contacted the prison and juvenile detention centers to find out what was needed, then arranged collection places in bookstores, the BigBean (thanks Deb!), and homes (thanks Julie!). We collected over 40 boxes of books and had several book sorting parties. We set up an Amazon gift list to collect more books for the Juvenile detention centers (thanks Chelsea!). We donated 6 boxes of books that did not fit the wish lists for the prisons or detention centers to the American Association of University Women book drive. Vanessa delivered the books to a happy librarian at the Women’s Prison and to her contact for the Juvenile Detention centers. Well done! We also will be passing on a tip sheet and our spreadsheet of books for Juveniles (thanks Bill!) to others in the state who are interested in organizing book drives.

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