Environmental Differnces between County Executive candidates Pittman and Schuh

Check out this Letter to the Editor in today’s Capital:

Environmental differences

I read with interest the article contrasting Steve Schuh with Steuart Pittman concerning environmental policy (The Capital, Oct. 1).

I have had reservations about Schuh since his veto of the plastic straw initiative.

In the article, the distinctions between Schuh and Pittman are indeed enlightening and point out some important differences in the candidates’ approach to woodland preservation and watershed stewardship. Schuh is out of touch with “tree” reality when he allows them to be sacrificed in a mere 20 years.

For a tree, 20 years old is like childhood in humans, a long way from being grown-up. Schuh doesn’t understand that a mature tree is a living breathing being that contributes much to the ecology for hundreds of years.

Pittman’s better idea, in my opinion, is to scrutinize every tree removal with the idea of keeping and increasing the numbers of mature trees in the county. This is the conservative approach and, I believe, the right one for Anne Arundel County.

The second watershed issue is Chesapeake Bay clean-up and restoration. Here again, Schuh seems out of touch with the real issue. His approach of using technology and engineering to resolve the symptoms of the problem is not the most useful right now.

Pittman, if I understand his stance, is more practical and sensible when he says that protecting and expanding natural woodland filters and engaging the public to do their part i.e. rain barrels at every home and business in the county, makes good sense and will cost less.

There is no other issue that is as unifying as our collective desire to have a clean and healthy environment in perpetuity. It is important that we enlist the public and the plants and the animals in resolving the problem of human impact on the ecology of the Bay and the Planet.



EDITOR’S NOTE: William Mitchell is a master watershed steward for the Chesapeake Bay.

Here what Steuart has to say about Managing growth in AA County.  Check out his website here and follow him on Facebook here.


Developers love Anne Arundel county. They want a 2019 General Development Plan (GDP) that will authorize rezoning for higher density and open new land for construction.

Our county executive wrote in his October 26 campaign fundraising letter that our county is “growing by leaps and bounds,” and that we must “continue with a pro-growth agenda.”

Every community in this county made clear in their Small Area Plans that they want carefully managed growth, infrastructure improvements, and preservation of natural resources. None want to grow by leaps and bounds.

When I take office in January 2019, the planning department will be working on the first draft of the GDP. The success of our campaign will have sent a clear signal that the document must reflect the visions of our communities. 

The plan that we approve will shift priorities to infrastructure improvements, resource conservation, and community benefit.  It will create a consistent set of rules for developers to follow and a Community Planning Commission to facilitate developer-community collaboration.


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