Dana Schallheim is small money certified and will be a strong, independent voice for our students and teachers!

What is small money certified?

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My name is Dana Schallheim, and I am running for AACPS Board of Education, representing District 5. As a parent in the AACPS community, I want the best foundation possible for our children so that all students can choose any path they wish after graduation. I believe ALL children deserve the highest quality education possible.

I bring a lifetime of volunteer and advocacy work, an MBA, and the dedication and persistence to advocate for all our children.

If successful I will:
* Fight for living wages, restoration of lost steps, and smaller class size;

* Provide fiscal oversight and improved board accountability, and transparency,

* Develop budgets that meet actual school needs at the school level;
* Champion measures to ensure full PUBLIC school funding;

* Ensure that our school facilities maintained properly;
* Advocate for equity for ALL AACPS students;
* Pledge to eliminate transportation inefficiencies, increase recess, and align school start times according to known data; and,
* Pursue implementation of policies that solve bullying and racism as well as enact measures that properly support minorities and people of color.

“Nothing good comes easily. Sometimes you’ve got to fight!” – 311, Amber

Dana’s opponent Terry Gilleland:


From The Capital:

Dana Schallheim: I’m running for Anne Arundel school board as an advocate for children

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