10 things you should know about Tony McConkey who is running to represent YOU again!

  1. Delegate McConkey received a reprimand (which was overwhelmingly passed by the Maryland House of Delegates) for an ethical violation for working to insert language in a bill that would have directly benefited McConkey’s business as a real estate broker.
  2. Senator Reilly(R) filed that complaint with the Ethics Committee against Tony McConkey.
  3. McConkey admitted he had a practice of contacting homeowners on the verge of losing their homes, offering to save them from foreclosure and willfully violating the Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act — a law he voted for in 2005 and 2008. He also admitted to engaging in conduct that demonstrated incompetency and improper dealings.
  4. Tony McConkey told the jury in his trial for his foreclosure rescue scam, that he was “doing the Lord’s work.”
  5. Then Delegate Cathy Vitale(R) filed a report with the police because she felt threatened by Tony McConkey at a Republican Unity gathering.
  6. McConkey was sanctioned with one of the state’s largest fines on record for having preyed on homeowners in foreclosure. (The State found that McConkey, in one of the three instances, promised to help a woman keep her home, then didn’t return her calls, bought her property in foreclosure and sought to evict her.)
  7. McConkey was asked to apologize, “I do humbly apologize, with great regret, that the ethics committee found that I acted improperly,” said McConkey.
  8. Senator Reilly (R) had the State Police escort McConkey out of Senator Reilly’s office.
  9. McConkey was voluntarily disbarred as an attorney in 1995 for misappropriation of funds, but said he never had any clients other than himself.
  10. One of those deals, an effort to buy land and sell it for development in 1989, caused a business associate to lose $35,000. The associate was one of McConkey’s fraternity brother from the 1980s who filed complaints that led to investigations by the Attorney Grievance Commission and the Maryland Real Estate Commission. He agreed to

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As goes McConkey so do Saab and Malone. District 33 delegates almost always vote as a block. Delegates McConkey, Saab and Malone all have an A rating from the NRA and a 0% from the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club!

It is MORE than time for a change!   We can do BETTER!  We DESERVE better!

Check outPam Luby, Heather Bagnall and Tracie Hovermale!  You can vote for all

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By authority of the WISE Women of Maryland PAC, Treasurer Janet Holbrook

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