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WISE Election Guide 5th and Final Edition (click to see)


WISE Election Guide
5th and final Edition
Tuesday, November 6 th  polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Find YOUR polling place hereWe are making a personal plea to each of you to VOTE!  WISE started from an anger, a gathering and a heartfelt belief that we needed to DO SOMETHING!  We have all done many things BUT the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can ALL do is to VOTE!  That is the singular action we can each take to make a HUGE impact!  VOTE because you care about the environment, about safety, about equality, about humanity.  PLEASE VOTE!
Love, Jen, Kathy, Monica and Rosie, the WISE Steering Committee

“…..the response to violence and hate is always redoubled love….and we are reminded, as we prepare to cast our ballots this week, that voting is an act of love…..

Love for all those who cannot vote: immigrants who do not have citizenship; formerly incarcerated citizens stripped of this right; and all those whose votes are suppressed by voter ID laws, polling place closures, and other bad-faith measures…..”
Source: Friends Committee on National Legislation Jessie Palatucci  and Chris Kearns-McCoy

In this Edition
Many NEW items – please read carefully 
  • Special essay – “Imagine the Difference…”
  • Informative videos from local voters
  • App to help you Get Out the Vote – “Vote With Me”
  • Opportunities to DRIVE voters to the polls
  • Caucus of African American Leaders endorsements
  • League of Women Voters voting guide
  • Maryland Board of Elections registration and voting information – quick links
  • Videos and information for selected County District 5 and Legislative District 33 candidates that support WISE values
The time to ACT is NOW.
Read Monica O’Connor’s article in the October 28th edition of Captial Gazette
“Imagine the difference if this year, voters turned out for the midterms”
Informative videos from local voters:
(click on the links below to watch)Why should you care about midterms?

Why are people excited to vote?

What excited you about the specific candidates running for office?

Why do local elections matter?

Why Should Women Vote?

Which Candidate Excites You?

A Takeaway for Voters

We are so close. And now there is another way you can help  –  with voter turnout all over the state and country! It’s a FREE app called Vote With Me. It helps you find people IN YOUR CONTACTS who need your reminder to vote! You can text them right from the app and edit the text so it says what you want it to say. It’s a fantastic way to make a difference from anywhere, anytime. Research tells us that the MOST effective way to increase turnout is to get your friends out to vote, so let’s do it!
Support Voter Turnout with these TWO helpful resourcesUnited Black Clergy of Anne Arundel County

Sponsoring a “Souls to the Polls” movement in Anne Arundel County. If you need a ride to the Polls in November 6, 2018 you can send an advance request for a ride beginning 9:00 PM Sunday by emailing your name, address,a phone number and location of your polling place to 2018silentnomore@gmail.com. You will be contacted by a place of worship near you that will get you to the Polls. Just that simple.

Carpool2Vote is available as a public benefit to support voter turnout and help riders with a free ride to the polls to cast their ballot in the midterm election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.
Sign up HERE to VOLUNTEER to drive or to get a ride
If you see or experience any problems voting call 866-687-8683(866-OUR-VOTE).

Find Caucus of African American Leaders and Connecting the Dots Voting Guide HERE 

Need INFORMATION about where your candidates stand on the ISSUES?  Use the League Of Women Voters guideEnter your address to find your polling place, build your ballot with their online voters’ guide and much more!

Voter Resources from
Maryland Board of Elections

Need more information about your districts, polling place and ballot details?  Click on the resource button below or visit

Don’t miss the WISE General Meeting on
November 19 at 7 p.m.
See your WISE evite for details
Anne Arundel County District 5
State District 33
Candidate Information
**new videos added**
Below is contact and social media information for candidates in Anne Arundel County (District 5 County Council and BOE, County Executive and District 33 State Legislators) who support WISE values.[1]  Please consider visiting their website and social media to learn about their positions on issues, donate time or money, attend a fundraising event, help them canvas, and to help them spread their message using social media.  This is the home stretch! They need your help!

[1] This was determined based on a WISE questionnaire sent to all candidates in December 2017.
View the new video from Heather Bagnall, State  House of Delegates Candidate for D33
View the new video from Eve Hurwitz, State Senate Candidate for D33
View the new video from Pam Luby, State  House of Delegates Candidate for D33
View the new video from Dawn Meyers, County Council Candidate for D5
View the new video from Steuart Pittman, Candidate for County Executive of Anne Arundel County
View the new video from Dana Schallheim, Candidate for Board of Education in Anne Arundel County
District 33 State House of Delegates (Pick 3 on the ballot)
Tracie HovermaleHovermaleforDelegate@gmail.com
County District 5 County Council
Dawn MyersDawnGMyers@gmail.com
County District 5 Board of Education
Dana SchallheimDanaforBOE@hotmail.com

Anne Arundel County Executive
Steuart Pittmaninfo@pittmanforpeople.com

District 33 State Senate
Eve HurwitzMEveHurwitz@gmail.com

District 33 State House of Delegates (Pick 3 on the ballot)
Pam LubyLubyforDelegate@gmail.com
District 33 State House of Delegates (Pick 3 on the ballot)
Tracie HovermaleHovermaleforDelegate@gmail.com
District 33 State House of Delegates (Pick 3 on the ballot)
Heather BagnallHeatherBagnallForDelegate@gmail.com
Twitter #GetInTheRoom

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