Support the Repeal of the Unnecessary Federal 287(g) Program

Support the Repeal of the Unnecessary Federal 287(g) Program

Newly elected County Executive Steuart Pittman has repealed the anti-immigrant 287(g) program in our county. This law hampers local law enforcement with additional responsibilities and weakens the important relationship immigrant communities have with police. Ending the program will enhance efforts of law enforcement to work within the community to find dangerous criminals and get them off the streets while saving taxpayer money and ensuring immigration policy is left where it belongs, with the federal government.

As you might expect, some people disagree. Support Steuart Pittman’s repeal of the 287(g) program. Make your voice heard and be a part of the change we all seek in our government. A few hours of your time will make the difference. Please attend one or more of these important events.

Bill Hearing
January 22nd
7 PM
Anne Arundel County Council at The Arundel Center
44 Calvert St., Annapolis
Free validated parking in the Whitmore Garage on the corner of Calvert St. and Clay St.

Town Hall
Monday, January 14
6 PM
Chesapeake Arts Center
194 Hammonds Ln., Brooklyn Park

Town Hall
Wednesday, January 16
6 PM
Southern High School
4400 Solomons Island Rd., Harwood

What is 287(g)?

The 287(g) program puts federal immigration enforcement into the hands of local law enforcement. It drains resources away from real police work and costs the tax payers money in overtime costs, without making the community any safer.

Why was it repealed?

287(g) was implemented two years ago. It has failed to make Anne Arundel County safer and has jeopardized the relationship immigrant communities have with the police. 

Debunking the myths

Some people make false claims about 287(g) in order to score political points and scare the public into supporting bad policy. It is important to understand the facts.

The repeal of 287(g) will not put dangerous criminals back on the streets. Criminals will still be arrested, detained, and tried in our courts just as they have always been. Remember, the program is just two years old. We didn’t release violent criminals before 287(g), and we won’t release them now.

Learn More
Read about the 287(g) program and it’s repeal, here:

Our Say: As a law enforcement program, 287(g) is a failure in Anne Arundel. Steuart Pittman should end it.

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