Call your Senator to support the Democracy Amendment Resolution

In the first day of asking senators to co-sponsor Sen. Pinsky’s Democracy Amendment Resolution, we garnered 8 signatures. Eight more have taken our “Pledge to Get $$$ Out.” We expect the majority of both the Senate and the House of Delegates to sign on.

Yet, we do face determined opposition, both from defenders of the status quo and from those who disagree with our strategy of using the convention of the states clause of the Constitution.

If we can pass the Senate, we have a strong sponsor in Del. Gaines and a Pledge of positive action from Speaker of the House, Mike Busch.

TAKE ACTION:  Please click here to find your senator’s phone number and position on the Democracy Amendment Resolution. follow the instructions on the sheet to call your senator. Please do it right now, and leave a voicemail or a message with staff.

Join us for GMOM + Wolf-PAC Lobby Night

Monday, January 28, 6:00 pm, House of Delegates Office Building

Please RSVP via Facebook or email

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