Please attend the County Council meeting tomorrow night – NO to 287g! NO to Xenaphobia!

As many of you may already know there will be a resolution introduced by Councilman Volke at THIS Tuesday’s county council meeting to REINSTATE 287g!!!
We were so relieved that our current county executive, Steuart Pittman, ended this cruel program (as promised during his campaign) and do not wish to see this agreement entered into again.
There will be many residents attending to support Mr Volke’s resolution so it is IMPERATIVE that we have as many people there as possible to testify on behalf on NOT reinstating it.
Please try to make this event and let the current county council know that xenophobia has NO place where we live.
Location:     Arundel Center – County Council Chambers  44 Calvert Street  Annapolis, MD
If you are planning to testify please arrive by 6:30 pm to add your name to the list.
Also, please have written copies of your testimony available so it is entered into the record.
IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE MEETING, PLEASE CALL YOUR COUNTY COUNCILPERSON.  To locate your county councilperson, click here.
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