Call to Action, please support the Global Citizenship course at AACPS.

On Feb 6 (10AM) the Board of Education will be voting on making the Global Citizen course a requirement for our AACPS students.  This course is designed to teach our students 21st century communication skills and how to navigate our increasingly global community.  It is endorsed by the NAACP of Anne Arundel County, and WISE believes it is an important step in counteracting the increasing intolerance in our schools.  Unfortunately there are people organizing against it with the claim that it will not be “as useful as a financial literacy class”, or that it will “indoctrinate our children.”  We need to make our voices heard.  The BOE will be taking public commentary by Feb 6.  Please email the entire board using this email address and support this crucial course at AACPS.  We would love to rally 100 WISE women to write!  Can you please be 1 of them?  PLEASE share!
Here is the direct link to a description of the course:
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