First Step Act

UPDATE: The First Step Act passed! Read about this progress and what we can continue to do for criminal justice system reform here. 
Our best chance at meaningful criminal justice reform at the federal level will be voted on by senators soon. We must act now before Congress leaves for the year (on Dec. 21st) by sending a message to our senators, urging them to pass the FIRST STEP Act.

The U.S. cannot continue to be the world’s top incarcerator. Our current policies have torn our communities apart for generations, particularly for low-income people and people of color. That’s why it’s vital that we create a system that’s just and equitable, significantly reduces the number of people unnecessarily entering the system, eliminates racial disparities, and creates opportunities for second chances.

The FIRST STEP Act includes key sentencing reforms that would help us move closer to a system that works. It would improve the lives of people harmed by our unjust criminal justice system by reducing the mandatory sentences for the “three strikes and you’re out” law related to drug offenses. Plus, the bill would retroactively evaluate the sentences of over 2,600 incarcerated people convicted of crack cocaine offenses.

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