Ban Brain Damaging Chlorpyrifos – Lobby Night Feb 11

Lobby Night is Monday, Feb 11th:
Help Us Ban Brain-damaging Chlorpyrifos
Dear Smart on Pesticides Coalition,
Lobby Night is a critical way to educate legislators. We need a really strong showing from our coalition members.
Who from your organization/group/business will be able to make the chlorpyrifos ban bill Lobby Night and Training in Annapolis?
Let us know by filling out this form as soon as possible.
REGISTER NOW  Multiple representatives from your organization are strongly encouraged.
CRUCIAL: Please promote Lobby Night to your members. An easy way is to just remove the coalition member portion of this message above, and send the following email to your listserv, members, volunteers, friends as soon as possible.
We are aiming for a very strong showing of advocates, parents, health care providers, waterkeepers, farmers, beekeepers. etc.
Thank you!
Jason Davidson, Bonnie Raindrop and
your friends at the Smart on Pesticides Coalition
The Maryland Smart on Pesticides Coalition, of which we are a member, is holding a training and public lobbying evening to amplify the need for a Maryland ban on chlorpyrifos. It is crucial as many Marylanders as possible show up to demonstrate to legislators just how much support there is for a 2019 bill banning chlorpyrifos. (The industry opposition is well-funded and well-organized, so this is a time when we really need you!)
Chlorpyrifos is a toxic, nerve agent pesticide proven to cause brain damage in children, contaminate waterways, and harm wildlife including bees. It is used on vegetable crops, tree fruit, and golf courses. After years of study, the EPA concluded that chlorpyrifos is unsafe at any level and was on course to ban it. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration reversed that decision, putting Marylanders health and our environment at great risk.
Show your support for passing a statewide ban on chlorpyrifos to protect Maryland’s babies, bees and the Bay. REGISTER NOW
WHERE: Asbury United Methodist Church, 87 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401[Map/directions]
WHAT: Lobby Night and Training for chlorpyrifos ban bill – FOOD PROVIDED, including vegetarian and gluten-free options!
Questions? Email Jason Davidson or call him at 202-222-0738.
Thank you!
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