Please help Alberto! Deadline is Feb 10.

WISE Women (MD) – Bond for Alberto

Since the end of 287g in our county, ICE has retaliated by immediately  deporting or relocating all of the 81 detainees who are currently housed at Ordnance Road.

Maryland WISE Women are raising funds for a Guatemalan immigrant who is currently being detained at Ordnance Road Correctional Facility in Maryland.

We are a group of concerned citizens in Maryland who are working to help raise bail for “Alberto” to proceed with his asylum request.

“Alberto” arrived here with his father in September of 2018.  He and his family experienced threats to their lives while in Guatemala.  Alberto’s father was released from ICE custody and is currently applying for asylum.  His father and his brother currently live in New York.  Alberto would like to join his family there if he is able to raise the $12,500 he needs to make bond by FEBRUARY 10, 2019.

If our goal is unmet by “Alberto’s” bond deadline,  all contributions will be given to C.A.I.R. for legal representation of  another currently held detainee.

If you are able to help this young man start this life in this country, please consider contributing to this fund.

To give, please click here
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