Please Act: write or testify: support the Global Community Citizen course at AACPS. See info from AAC NAACP.

Please do, please share.
From AAC NAACP Weekly Digest – February 4, 2019:
Section 1: AAC BOE Vote On The GCC
The AACo Board of Ed will vote tomorrow to add a new graduation requirement: a global citizenship class for all incoming AACPS ninth graders to help them build empathy across differences (race, religion, political spectrum). Accountability partners and SURJ3A want them to VOTE FOR the Global Community Citizen (GCC) course as a graduation requirement in light of the dangerous pattern of racial incidents shown in the table below the signature line of this email.
What Can You Do To Help?
1. Email board members in favor of making the GCC course a graduation requirement
2. Show up at the board meeting and testify the same 
Board Emails
Board Meeting
  • Wed, Feb 6 @10am – Carol S. Parham Building – 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
  • To testify on this agenda item ‘Action Item – Policy Revisions – Third Reading – 6.05 Graduation Requirements – Code IIC’: Upon arrival at the meeting, fill out a testimony card, and an invitation will be made to the audience with the agenda item comes up for board discussion (sometime after 12:15 per the draft agenda attached.)
To help ensure productive and meaningful implementation of the policy change after tomorrow‘s vote, we have developed a list of recommendations you are encouraged to source in your emails and testimony to the board HERE.
In Solidarity,
C.J. Meushaw
Linda Girdner
Lynda Davis
Melissa Merritt
* Below is an incomplete table of known racial incidents in AACPS that SURJ3A developed at the request of AACo NAACP branch President Jacqueline Allsup. Each incident represents a dangerous threat to the safety of all of our students, the families, AACPS staff, and neighbors.
Date Location Incident Source
20190204 Broadneck High N-word racial epithet in snapchat from Broadneck high student to another individual over basketball game between BHS / AHS.
20190117 Severn River Middle Anti-Semitic and violent statements that were found written inside a boys’ bathroom.
20181219 Chesapeake Bay Middle Another noose was hung at the school — two days before activists retraced the path of a Henry Davis, a black man who tortured, dragged and lynched in the streets of Annapolis in 1906.
20181200 Severn River Middle “Hate-filled” messages found on a desk.
20181101 Chesapeake Bay Middle Noose, made of toilet paper, was tied to a metal beam inside a bathroom stall used during lunch periods at the school.
20181031 Chesapeake High Student received an anonymous message via AirDrop that contained a photo of a Confederate flag with the caption: “You n***s will rue the day.”
20181024 Chesapeake High Words “Kill all Blacks” was found scrawled on a piece of paper students use to sign in and out of counseling sessions at school.
20180404 Chesapeake High On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., a Chesapeake High student flew a Confederate flag from the back of their pickup truck and hung a noose in the car’s rear view window.
20180400 Chesapeake High A fight with “racial overtones” broke out.
20180400 Chesapeake High Administrators found an “expletive and a reference to a specific race of people” on a mouse pad in the school’s computer lab.
20180316 Chesapeake High A racial slur was found carved into the doorway of a first-floor classroom.
20180314 Chesapeake High Racial, ethnic and religious slurs and symbols were found written on a toilet seat inside a boys’ bathroom.
20180313 Pasadena Black Clergy AACo NAACP Press Conference at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Magothy
20180200 Chesapeake High Student called a racial slur by their government teacher.
20171103 Southern High Transgender student spat on at school.
20171100 Southern High Two students threatened to hurt 15-year-old transgender student in posts on a Snapchat story titled “Confederate Lives Matter.” One of the posts features a picture of a student wearing a KKK-like hood made from paper towels. Other posts contain threats of violence and graphic references to the student’s gender status.
20171100 Northeast High A 16-year-old was arrested for threatening to commit a shooting at the school on Snapchat. The student wasn’t affiliated with the school.
20170511 Crofton Middle Noose found hanging out front of a school window.
20170100 Annapolis High Student spread a rumor via Instagram of another student’s plans to shoot up the school.
20170100 Annapolis High Twitter account using the handle @KKKforeal used racist language in a promise to blow up school.
20160000 Southern High Transgender student moved to Arundel High School temporarily after students kicked in the door to a bathroom stall he was inside.
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