A must read and must share from The Capital: Wendi Winters’ son: Simonaire must reject shallow rhetoric and actually help end mass shootings

From Phoenix Geimer’s OpEd in The Capital:

My siblings and I appreciate Jim Schropp’s thoughtful response to state Sen. Bryan Simonaire’s exercise in misdirection, but we feel the need to add a few points.

In his first paragraph, Simonaire states, “Words cannot convey the sorrow that was felt on the day we lost five of our own due to a rogue shooter” (The Capital, Jan. 31). As the son of Wendi Winters, one of the journalists killed in the Capital Gazette Newsroom, I must start by saying you have no idea, sir. You have no idea.

What is particularly striking about Sen. Simonaire’s piece is the almost total lack of substantiation for any of his assertions. In addition to the news media, Simonaire suggests the following causes for mass shootings:

  • The breakdown of the American family.
  • Violent computer games.
  • Social media.
  • Mental health issues.

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