Please contact your Representatives to help abused and neglected animals!

Support a Maryland cost of animal care bill

When animals are lawfully seized from cruelty situations in Maryland, the cost of caring for the animals usually falls on the rescuing agency.

A new bill, S.B. 152/H.B. 135, will change this and may hold the owner responsible for the cost of animal care while criminal charges are pending.

This will prevent local and state agencies—and in turn Maryland taxpayers—from incurring the cost in animal cruelty cases. This will also ensure that these agencies have the resources to take on more rescues and help other animals in need.

This law also reinforces existing timelines for court decisions so that unclaimed animals can find new homes as soon as possible, rather than live in temporary shelters for months or even years while criminal charges are pending.

Calling is one of the most effective actions you can take. Please take a moment to call your state representative and your state senator now.You can say,”As a concerned constituent, I urge you to please support S.B. 152/H.B. 135, which will hold animal abusers accountable for the cost of care.”

After your call, use the form to send a follow-up message. Editing your message will help it stand out.


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