And thanks also to those of you who solicited all those great donations!

Vida Taco did a great job with the food and drinks and the manager, Devon & his staff could not have been more helpful to us.  (Please thank them if you patronize their restaurant.)

And we are so pleased to announce that we made $6,750.43 for C.A.I.R.!!!

Our speaker from CAIR was fabulous.  He gave a short but moving speech.  He stated, that it takes $4,500 to help one detainee.  And he told us that the youngest detainee that is still separated from their parent in Maryland is 4 years old!!!  I can not even imagine what that child has endured and how scared they must be.  We all felt as if the people who attended last night really welcomed an opportunity to contribute and to support these families. Our event gave them a means to do that.

A special thanks to Deb, Marilyn, Stephanie & Elaine . . . our tireless workers.

Thank you to all for your participation and/or your attendance!!

It is not too late to donate if you did not have a chance: