Please make these calls TODAY to ban EPS foam in Maryland!

Maryland could be the first state to ban single use EPS Foam containers!

a statewide ban on foam food service containers – has seen significant attention this session. It was announced as a priority piece of legislation by Maryland Democrats, and a recent poll showed the majority of Marylanders support a food foam phase-out. At this time, the bill has been heard by the three committees it’s been assigned to, and we’re anxiously awaiting committee votes to move the bill forward to the floor. And in an exciting and auspicious move, the Anne Arundel County Council passed foam ban legislation, following last year’s passage and subsequent veto by the County Executive. Current County Executive Pittman has vowed to sign the legislation, meaning that soon, over 50% of Marylands will live in jurisdictions where foam has been or will be phased out. Now is the time to for consistency statewide

Contact your representatives and urging them to vote favorably on HB109 and SB285!

Senator Ed Reilly -410-841-3568

Delegate Heather Bagnall -410-841-3406

Delegate Mike Malone- 410-841-3510

Delegate Sid Saab 410-841-3551

Speaker Busch 410-841-3800

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