From Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence:

Last week, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee heard our bill to strengthen child access prevention. It’s time they heard from us to help move Senate Bill 441 out of committee and on to the floor for a vote!

MPGV and March For our Lives MD have been fighting to pass this important bill to prevent tragedies like those last March at Great Mills High School. The shooter who killed Jaelynn Willey and injured one other student acquired the gun from his father. In addition to school shootings, preventing youth from gaining access to firearms can prevent suicides and unintentional shootings. We must strengthen our laws to ensure the safety of our children.

Senate Bill 441 will:

  • Increase the age of a child from ‘under 16’ to ‘under 18’;
  • Establish language clarifications for effective enforcement; and
  • Add a potential graduated criminal penalty for noncompliance (existing penalty is only a minimal fine)

Call members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee to show your support for Senate Bill 441. (Senator Will Smith, the Vice Chair on JPR, is the lead sponsor, so you can skip his office!)

Sample Script:

Senator _________ , my name is __________  and I support Senate Bill 441: Child Access Prevention. Almost one year after the tragic Great Mills shooting, it is imperative that we strengthen Maryland’s child access prevention laws. Not only will it help reduce community and school shootings, but youth suicide and unintentional shootings. I urge the Senator to support the bill and fight for its passage! Thank you for your support!

If you live in any of the Senator’s district, be sure to mention that!
Chairman Bobby Zirkin 410-841-3131

Senator Jill Carter 410-841-3697

Senator Bob Cassilly 410-841-3158

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