Protect dogs from extreme weather,, support HB501

From Maryland Votes for Animals:

Please Support HB 501: Crimes – Unattended Dogs in Extreme Weather

HB 501 would establish minimum, commonsense protections for dogs by ensuring that they are not left outdoors and unattended during temperatures below 32 or above 90 degrees.

Animal control officers are usually called when it is almost too late and dogs are suffering seizures, heatstroke, hypothermia, and death after being outdoors for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions.   Maryland families and children are deeply affected by the cruelty they witness when neighborhood dogs are left outside in extreme temperatures and weather. This bill will reduce the suffering these animals endure, and the serious consequences, including death, caused by these conditions. It will provide a consistent standard across Maryland that does not change as a dog is moved between jurisdictions.

Establishing guidelines about dogs left outdoors enables animal control officers to intervene before a dog shows symptoms of acute distress. Moreover, adding clarity to the law can foster both public awareness and compliance, which could potentially avert some of these life-threatening situations before they occur.

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT HB 501!

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