MD Legislative Latino Caucus Community & Legislative Priorities Night

WISE presented at the Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus “Community and Legislative Priorities Night”  on Feb 26, 2019.

Latino Caucus, David Fraser-Hidalgo, Chair – Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk, Vice-Chair and Gabriel Acevero, Treasurer, attended along with other house and senate members.

Kathy Bain represented our WISE Immigration Huddle and informed the caucus on the legislative bills that we are supporting.  She also discussed the need to establish a Maryland Defense Fund for immigrants in Maryland who have been detained, but who are not eligible for representation by public defenders.

The Annapolis Immigration Justice Network also attended and spoke at the event.  Both groups celebrated the release of several incarcerated immigrants with ties to our area. WISE was instrumental in assisting to raise funds for those individuals.

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