Close the Background Check Loophole for Long Guns!

Please call your representatives and ask them to support HB 786, which would close a dangerous loophole in Maryland’s gun safety laws.  And/or send a postcard online (link below)

Heather Bagnall    410-841-3406

Michael Malone    410-841-3510

Sid Saab              410-841-3551

For two decades, Maryland has required criminal background checks for all sales of handguns. House Bill 786 prohibits felons, domestic abusers, and others from buying handguns — but it doesn’t apply to private sales of long guns, like a rifle or a shotgun

This loophole means a person with a dangerous history can easily obtain a gun and avoid a background check by finding a private seller – including online sales and gun shows –  to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

Maryland should close this loophole by requiring private sellers to run a background through a licensed seller, as the law already requires for private handgun sales.

Link to postcard:

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