It’s time to end Maryland’s Private School Voucher system. Sign now.

From the ACLU:

**It’s unacceptable that Maryland Governor Hogan is pushing to spend millions more on the “BOOST” voucher program for students to attend private schools, most with religious curriculums and some that have had explicit anti-LGBTQ policies. Tell your legislators to stop the governor from diverting millions of taxpayer dollars to fund private and religious schools.

When Tiana and Annissia Hawkins saw that the Mother’s Tea Party invitation from their son’s private religious school said, “One Mother or Mother Figure per child,” they hoped they wouldn’t have a problem. But they did.

The principal of National Christian Academy in Prince George’s County tried to block their son from having both of his moms there – clearly discriminating against their family.

That private school is one of many that benefits from Maryland’s publicly-funded BOOST vouchers program. Currently, the program’s only protection against discrimination for LGBTQ+ students and families is in admissions, not student retention. The school’s discrimination against the Hawkins’ family was legal, but it shouldn’t be.

Take action to end the BOOST program.

Our taxpayer dollars should go to schools that don’t discriminate, including against LGBTQ+ students and their families.

Yet, almost all of the private schools that receive taxpayer subsidies are religious schools. And some BOOST schools have even had explicit anti-LGBTQ policies.

Tell your state legislators to end Maryland’s voucher program for private and religious schools.

Thanks for supporting us,

Dana Vickers Shelley
Executive Director, ACLU of Maryland

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