Please defend our forests

From Chesapeake Bay Foundation:

Bulldozers are primed and ready to destroy more than 200 acres of Maryland’s highest-value, contiguous forest. Georgetown University is going solar, but would clear-cut a high-value forest in Charles County in order to do so. The project would fragment the largest forest in Southern Maryland and degrade one of Maryland’s best streams.

There are better places for solar. We cannot sacrifice this forest that plays such a critical role in the local environment and economy. But before the project can move forward, it needs approval by the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). Take action to defend this forest. Tell MDE—before the deadline March 13—to reject this project!

Georgetown claims the project will yield a net greenhouse gas benefit of carbon footprint emissions. But while renewable energy is a critical tool to combating climate change, this project disregards the total environmental benefits of the forest, including the filtering of air and water, and serving as habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife.

Forests play a critical role in water quality, as they store rainfall in soil, cleanse it, and then release it into the ground, local streams, and eventually the Bay. In sum, the destruction of this Charles County forest could generate thousands of pounds of additional nitrogen pollution into the Chesapeake Bay each year.

We cannot afford to sacrifice this incredibly valuable forest, no matter the good intent. Your voice is critical in speaking for the trees. Take action now and urge MDE—before March 13—to oppose this project!

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