Join Strong Schools Maryland to improve our schools. Volunteers needed for many days and Lobby Day is 3/14.

Maryland has a once in a generation opportunity to create a world-class education system in Maryland. Find out the numbers behind the urgent need for change.  Find out more.

****** March 14, WISE joins StrongSchoolsMaryland for Education Lobbying in Annapolis

   * March 14  Lobby Morning 9-11:30am in Annapolis: WISE will join StrongSchoolsMaryland to lobby legislators.   Contact for information.
If you cannot attend March 14, there are plenty of days to volunteer to go to Annapolis and support this crucial cause!  Our students need you! It is so easy and so worthwhile!  Sign up here.
With the 2019 General Assembly session well beyond the halfway point, the long awaited Kirwan Commission legislation has been introduced!
The Kirwan Commission legislation has been introduced (Senate Bill 1030 and House Bill 1413) and Strong Schools Maryland stands in strong support. Here are a few highlights:
  • $325 million for school year 2019/20 for targeted programs proposed by the Kirwan Commission as the foundation year of implementing their policy proposals to create a world-class education system in Maryland. The bill includes prekindergarten expansion, grants for schools that have a concentration of poverty (defined as schools where 80% or more of the students are eligible for free and reduced meals), increases in teacher salaries, support services to provide behavioral and mental health services, and a significant increase in funding for students with disabilities along with tutoring for struggling readers.
  • $750 million from the state for school year 2020/21 for the first full year of Kirwan implementation
  • Strong policy proposals taken directly from the Kirwan Commission recommendations.
Thank you for the work you have put in to get to this point. Our work is not yet done. We must remain focused and committed to moving this legislation across the finish line with a veto-proof majority. Now is the time to take action!
Take Action Now:
1. Click here to send an pre-made email your legislators
2. Click here to tweet your support.
~Strong Schools Maryland
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