Do you think private schools that discriminate should receive public funds? If not, please make these calls today!

SB0848. prohibits non-public schools that receive public funding from discriminating against students who are disabled, LGBTQ+, and other protected classes.

It is stuck in Committee and we MUST get it moving!

Please make these calls today, if you cannot call them all, please call the Chair and Vice Chair.

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

Bobby Zirkin, Chair Senate Judicial Proceedings –   410-841-3131

William Smith, Jr. (VC Senate Judicial Proceedings) – – 410-841-3634

Jill Carter – -410-841-3697

Robert Cassilly – 410-841-3158

Katie Hester – 410-841-3671

Michael Hough – michael.hough 410-841-3704

Susan Lee – susan.lee

Justin Ready – justin.ready

Jeff Waldstreicher – jeff.waldstreicher

Mary Washington (Senate Sponsor)

Chris West

Bill summary:  Prohibiting a nonpublic elementary or secondary school that receives State funds from refusing enrollment of, expelling, withholding privileges from, or otherwise discriminating against any student or prospective student because of an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability; making certain provisions of law prohibiting discrimination in employment applicable to certain schools that receive State funds; etc.

Remember this?



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