Last call for Clean Energy Jobs! PLEASE make these calls this morning. Maryland must pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act

Please call these Anne Arundle County Delegates and ask them to support HB1158 Clean Energy Jobs. The Senate has passed the bill. We need one more vote to get it out of the House Economics Committee. Ned Carey is a vote we need to get!!
Call Ned Carey  Ask him to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act and bring 25,000 new jobs to Maryland! Call your own Delegates so that when it comes to the floor we have their votes! Call speaker Busch, tell him to champion the Clean Energy Jobs Act and protect our children’s future!
Delegate Carey:                         410-841-3047
Delegate Heather Bagnall:         410-841-3406
Delegate Michael Malone:         410-841-3510  michael.malone@
Delegate Sid Saab:                    410-841-3551
Speaker Busch                           410-841-3800
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