YOU can make a BIG change for Maryland schools, pleae do!

Thanks to the Kirwan Commission, The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (SB 1030/HB 1413) will be voted on in the coming weeks. Passing this bill would be a big first step to ending the underfunding of our schools; it will add $1 billion to school funding over the next two years that would go to increasing salaries, hiring more educators, expanding career-technical education, community schools, and pre-kindergarten, adding funding for special education and behavioral health, and more.
Here are two things you can do right now to urge legislators to pass it:
1. Click here to email your legislators and ask them to pass SB 1030/HB 1413. It only takes 30 seconds!

2. You can also call your legislators and urge them to pass SB 1030/HB 1413. Dial 1-888-520-6732, enter your zip code, and you’ll be connected with your legislator’s office. Every call makes a difference!

Heather Bagnall – 410/841-3406

Sid Saab – 410/841-3551

Michael Malone – 410/841-3510

Ed Reilly – 410-841-3568



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