Private schools should not receive public money and discrimination against people! Please call!

The following bill did not get a veto-proof majority in the House, and needs to get a hearing established in the Senate.  Please note that the bill number is a House bill numbers because these are the bills that came over from the House

HB0295 – Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools – Discrimination – Prohibition.  Assigned to the Judicial Proceedings Committee.  This bill prohibits private schools who get money from the state from discriminating against students based on race, religion, age, color, sexual orientation, etc.

Members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee – 

Please contact your Senator, the Chair and the Vice Chair (above).  If your Senator is on one of these committees, it is even more critical that you reach out to them right away.  If he/she is not on one of these committees, urge them to talk to the Committee Chair for each committee.  To find contact information for your Delegates, go to –

Hello!  I am a constituent of Senator [Senator’s Name].  I live at [Address].  I am calling to urge the Senator to ask that a hearing be established as soon as possible for the following bills –  HB0295.  This is a critical bill that came over from the House and I would like to see it pass in the Senate as well.  Please urge the Senator to request a hearing for this bill as soon as possible and also urge the Senator to vote favorably for the bill.

Thanks to the excellent Maryland Legilsative Coalition for all of the above!

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