Excelon is lobbying to put nuclear energy into Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Please call.

Excelon is lobbying to put nuclear in the Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard. Did you know all the nuclear sites in the state are owned by Excelon? If nuclear becomes part of the RPS as “clean energy” it will crowd out wind and solar and we the ratepayer will be subsidizing Excelon! Does this make you angry?  Call your Delegates and tell them to vote NO on HB 600.

Delegate Bagnall 410-841-3406
Delegate Malone 410-841-3510
Delegate Saab 410-841-3351
Right now, the Maryland General Assembly is considering a bill to study if nuclear energy should be included in our Renewable Portfolio Standard. And the vote could happen any time.Marylanders should not be subsidizing an expensive, potentially catastrophic industry.We can’t allow nuclear energy to crowd out wind
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