Please call to support Maryland students! This is crucial!

From Strong Schools Maryland:
Our battle for a world-class education continues and your voice matters to get us to our shared goal. A lot has taken place in the last two weeks and there are still opportunities to influence the final outcome.
The House and the Senate both passed budgets with different funding amounts for Kirwan, forcing them to negotiate a final outcome. After facing proposed large cuts to Kirwan, we made progress yesterday due to your thousands of emails and phone calls. The negotiation resulted in $255 million for next school year with the possibility of adding additional funds if Maryland passes legislation that would strengthen the enforcement and collection of taxes for out-of-state, online, third-party vendors (SB0728/HB1301). We need to get this legislation passed because any gap in funding will be imposed on children with disabilities, long one of Maryland’s most vulnerable groups of children. Take action today by contacting your legislators.
Contact your legislators and let them know SB728/HB1301 puts Maryland students on the right path. The link is complete with contact information, talking points, and ways to multiply your impact.
Remember, we need you to be prepared to stay involved through to the end of the legislative session and beyond. A lot can happen between now and April 8th. We need to stay engaged until we win. Thank you for your continued efforts to support Maryland students. Strong Schools Maryland will follow up with additional action alerts as the Kirwan budget and Kirwan legislation progresses.
Let’s go win the next two weeks,
~Strong Schools Maryland
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