Report Highlights Disparity in Different Areas of Anne Arundel County

This week Dr. Pamela Brown, executive director of the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families presented “Poverty Amidst Plenty IV: On the Road to Progress for All.” The report demonstrates the needs of Anne Arundel County residents and highlights the socioeconomic disparity in parts of the county. Of the community population: 27% of those in Brooklyn Park, 16% of those in Curtis Bay, 10% of those in Deale, and 9% of those in Glen Burnie West are living in poverty, compared to the county average of 6%.

Brown stated that the largest problem is that almost no one in these areas of concern are making enough money to live in Anne Arundel County. These residents income level, access to food, and access to health services are all decreasing. Please read more coverage of the report and presentation here.

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