PLEASE call NOW to support CEJA! We NEED YOU!

The Clean Energy Jobs Act has the support of an enormous coalition of scientists, faith leaders, industry, environmental groups and the majority of Maryland voters. Whose holding it up? Democrats! Speaker Busch and Chairman Dereck Davis!
Our own delegates need to hear from us.  Without the kind of groundswell that banned fracking in Maryland the clean energy jobs act will die in the House Rules Committee. We need to barrage our delegates.
Thank Delegate Bagnall for her support and ask her and her colleagues to move the Democrat leadership that is holding the bill!
Let Delegates Malone and Saab know that a vote against the Clean Energy Jobs Act is a vote against jobs! Financially each year we delay passage costs the State potential revenue. For example, a federal tax credit for investment in clean energy decreases each calendar year. The credit will decline from 30% this year to 26% next year. If the Clean Energy Jobs Act is passed in 2020 instead of 2019, Maryland stands to lose $240 million in potential revenue from federal tax credits.
Delegates Malone and Saab need to be fiscally responsible for Maryland. We do not want to lose these jobs to New Jersey and Massachusetts. Climate change is a game changer. It’s time for urgency. Call and email today.
Close their phone lines! Call call call
Send an email right now – in your own words – telling your leaders in Annapolis why climate change matters to you. Talk about your kids. Talk about your parents. Talk about your love of the natural word. Talk about whatever it is that burns the fire beneath you. Please send a short note or long one to your members of the Maryand House of Delegates. Tell them to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act, HB 1158/SB 516. 
A personal note helps your voice get heard, even if it’s just two sentences. But if you’re pressed for time, feel free to copy and paste this sample language. 
Dear Delegate, 
The climate crisis is here, and we need to act. The Clean Energy Jobs Act is in line with what the world’s top scientists are calling for to put us on the path to a sustainable future. This important bill has passed the Senate with a 33-13 vote, yet it has yet to move through the House. I am counting on you and your colleagues to do your part in securing a safe planet for future generations. Please vote favorably on HB1158/SB516 when you have the opportunity, and urge your colleagues to do the same. 
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