Eliminating Systemic Racism from our Communities

For our April General Meeting, WISE hosted Going Deeper: Eliminating Systemic Racism from our Communities. The WISE Racial Justice Huddle shared some of their experiences, resources, and learning from the perspective that as white people, we should not rely on people of color to spend their time and emotional energy teaching us. To learn more or start your journey of understanding white privilege and working to end systemic racism, please view our list of resources which features a variety of ways to get involved (books, podcasts, local groups, influential community members, etc.). Additionally, we have created a steps forward guide with ways to get involved.

Thank you to those who hosted and participated in this essential discussion, if you would like to be a part of continuing the conversation please email vegetarianJPH@gmail.com to attend the follow-up discussion on Sunday April 14th at 11:00AM.

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