Visit the County Executive’s budget planner, please.

County Executive Pittman’s budget tool is posted on the AA Co web site and  is not only great for figuring out the impacts of different spending and revenue options, it’s got the ability to Submit your preferred combination. The Capital reported last week that only about 100 people have done that.
The budget tool shows that if we raised income taxes up to the legal cap, it would raise $68 million. Spread over 206,000 households in the County, that would cost less than $1/day per household
Please, if you think spending an additional $1/day on income taxes isn’t asking too much, let them know! You can be sure the people who want taxes lowered again are making themselves heard. This WILL NOT CHANGE unless we let the County Executive know there’s support for it. The budget is due to the County Council on May 1, so there isn’t much time.
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