Rally May 8th at 10:30 – “Governor Hogan, Sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act!”

We’re all waiting for Governor Hogan to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act. We’re waiting for him to create thousands of new solar jobs in our state. We’re waiting for him to help create a new offshore wind manufacturing hub in Baltimore. We’re waiting for him to do the right thing and put Maryland on the path to 100% clean energy as soon as possible. 

But all this waiting is making us antsy. We want to get up and MOVE. So join us in Annapolis next Wednesday, May 8, at 10:30am for one last big rally to tell Governor Hogan: Sign it for the climate! 

Next Wednesday, two ridiculously devoted climate advocates — Vinny and Jamie DeMarco — will be embarking on a 150-mile bicycle ride across Maryland to showcase their support for the Clean Energy Jobs Act. To showcase how we are all connected in this fight, they plan to bike all over the state, including to Ellicott City — one of the regions hardest hit by climate change — and starting in Annapolis, where climate action happens. The morning of May 8, we’ll be joined at the Governor’s Mansion with some of our star legislators to send the DeMarcos off on their journey. 

You may remember the father and son duo from 2016 when they rode over 400 miles in support of a veto override of a previous Clean Energy Jobs Act. That’s right, Hogan vetoed an earlier version of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which set the requirement for 25% renewable electricity by 2020. Legislators had to override this veto in 2017, delaying implementation of the legislation by a year.

Our new bill will increase our renewable electricity standard to 50% by 2030 and put us on the path to 100% by 2040. And in the face of increasingly urgent climate reports, we do not have time to delay any longer. That’s why we are joining the DeMarcos in Annapolis to tell Hogan: Sign it for the Climate!

Join us for a rally at 10:30am on Wednesday, May 8 to send them off. RSVP today to join the chorus of cheers!

Here are the details:

Who: You! And other dedicated climate activists across the state
What: “Sign it for the Climate”: A kickoff rally to begin the DeMarco’s bike ride from Annapolis to Ellicott City
When: Wednesday, May 8th. The rally will start at 10:30 AM – please arrive by 10:15 so we can be sure to start on time
Where: We will meet at City Dock for rally and speeches and walk up to the Governor’s mansion from there. Exact logistical details will be emailed to you later
Why: Governor Hogan previously vetoed the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2016, but this year we know the climate crisis is too urgent to delay this legislation
RSVP: Click HERE to RSVP. If you’re on Facebook, RSVP there too — and invite all your friends!

We do have some reasons to be optimistic. Earlier this year, Gonzalez polling revealed that a majority of Marylanders in every county want Governor Hogan to sign this bill.  Additionally, in December, Hogan co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington post calling on states to lead the way on climate change. And his own administration modeled the Clean Energy Jobs Act when searching for ways to meet the state’s 40% greenhouse gas reduction obligation. However, the record still stands: we’ve been met with a veto before, and Hogan has not come out explicitly for the Clean Energy Jobs act himself.

We know this bill isn’t perfect. This year our legislature failed to remove incineration from the state’s renewable electricity policy. This means that harmful, polluting incinerators will continue to receive ratepayer subsidies meant for truly clean energy sources like wind and solar. Experts project incineration to make up 4% of the renewable portfolio by 2020, with wind and solar making up 78%. In the meantime, the climate crisis is at our door, and communities across our state are facing existential threats from new and existing fossil fuel infrastructure. So Annapolis lawmakers decided to leave trash incineration reform to local leaders for now, while voting for a very-good-but-not-perfect Clean Energy Jobs Act. As a whole, the Clean Energy Jobs Act is a remarkable bill, which takes huge and historic steps to fight climate change and create jobs. Read more about our stance on this issue here.

We have to make sure that what we DID win this year isn’t lost. And that we demonstrate to legislators that Maryland has the capacity to get ALL of our energy from clean sources in the future. 

So join us and the DeMarco duo in Annapolis next Wednesday to tell Hogan: Sign it for the climate!

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See you soon,

Emily Frias
Maryland Grassroots Coordinator
CCAN Action Fund

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