WISE 2019 Legislative Scorecard

WISE is proud to present our 2019 Scorecard and summary! See how your legislators performed this year, and please read and share widely. This year we worked in partnership with the Maryland Legislative Coalition to give a more thorough overview of our representatives, ranking people on individual initiative and the productivity of the committee’s they served on as well as how they voted. You will be interested to see what issues our representatives considered as priorities in the individual bills that they championed and how they do or do NOT fit with WISE priorities. We were also able to analyze whether electing women in large numbers made difference to this year’s session. You won’t be surprised with the findings…..

Read the full version of the scorecard summary here which explains the scorecard methodology, WISE issues of interest, honorable mentions, and more from the 2019 Legislative Session.

WISE Issue of InterestSenator ReillyDelegate MaloneDelegate BagnallDelegate SaabStatus
SB285/HB109 - Ban on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS): Ban on EPS foam food packaging in Maryland. EPS foam never biodegrades; it breaks into increasingly smaller pieces, posing a threat to our waterways and marine life.1111Passed
HB0472 - A Healthy and Green Maryland Amendment: Amendment to MD Constitution to establish that every person has the right to a clean and healthy environment.NANANANAWithdrawn
SB516/HB1158 - Clean Energy Jobs Act: Addresses climate change crisis by doubling State’s Renewable Portfolio policy to 50% renewable electricity by 2030, determining the best plan to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2023, and implementing plan by 2040.-1-11-1Passed
SB759/HB768 - Prescription Drug Affordability Board: Establishes the Board; requires Board to collect data and identify prescription products that may cause affordability challenges; Board may meet in closed session to discuss trade secrets; and may set upper payment limit for certain drugs; etc.1-11-1Passed
SB311/HB399 - Roger "Pip" Moyer End of Life Option: Authorizes an individual to request aid in dying by making specified requests; prohibits another individual from requesting aid in dying on behalf of an individual; requires a written request for aid in dying and for witnesses to a written request for aid in dying etc.-1-11-1Passed in House (Tie Vote in Senate)
HB341 - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program: Establish a private sector family & medical leave insurance fund to provide partial wage replacement for employees taking unpaid leave to care for a new child, a family member’s or their own medical serious condition, or a family member's deployment. NANANANANo Vote
HB1017 - Maryland Small Donor Incentive Act: Establishes public financing of campaigns for General Assembly candidates; requires a candidate who seeks to qualify for public financing to file a certain notice; etc.NANANANANo Vote
SB0110/HB463 - Gerrymandering Reforms: When elected officials create gerrymandered districts, our votes are diluted. WISE supports reforms to redistricting process to ensure that voting districts are drawn to reflect interests of voting population rather than politicians.NANANANAUnfavorable
HB0925 - Presidential Tax Transparency Act: Requires Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to make tax returns public to be on the MD ballot.NANANANANo Vote
HB0026 - Ranked Choice Voting: Allows voters to rank their choice of candidates to ensure candidates with broadest support win.NANANANAUnfavorable/Withdrawn
SB817/HB913 - A Revised Trust Act: Making it illegal to hold individuals more than 72 hours without judicial charges and preventing both the sharing of information by local law enforcement with ICE, and the request of immigration status by law enforcement during traffic stops.NANANANANo Vote
SB718/HB1165 - Privacy Protection: Stops state departments or workers from sharing personal information with ICE.NA-11-1Passed in House
SB 0774/HB1001 - Prohibition on Youth Solitary Confinement: Prohibits use of solitary confinement of children for extended periods.1111Passed
SB0419/HB0715 - Pre-Release Facility Services for Women: Requires the Commissioner of Corrections to operate a pre-release unit for women that offers reentry services and programming to help women to reintegrate and provide the best chance at success.NANANANANo Vote
SB152/HB135 - Cruelty to Animals – Payment of Costs: Authorizing a court to order a defendant convicted of a charge of animal cruelty, as a condition of sentencing, to participate in and pay for psychological counseling and to pay, in addition to fines and costs, all reasonable costs incurred in removing, housing, treating, or euthanizing an animal confiscated from defendant; etc1111Passed
HB1249/SB657 - Pilot Program – Alleged Rape, Sexual Offense, or Child Sexual Abuse-HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis: Establishes a pilot program to prevent HIV infection for victims of an alleged rape or sexual offense or victims of alleged child sexual abuse. 1111Passed
HB782/SB691 - Criminal Procedure – Motion to Vacate Judgment – Human Trafficking (True Freedom Act of 2019): Expands Maryland’s current “vacating convictions” law to allow survivors of human trafficking to remove crimes from their criminal records, which would increase the ability of survivors to access employment and stable housing.NA111Passed in House
HB634/SB738- Labor and Employment – Wage History and Wage: Ensures that women are not forced to carry lower earnings and pay discrimination with them from job to job by prohibiting employers from seeking and relying on job applicants’ salary history and by requiring employers to provide the salary range for a position upon a job applicant’s request.NANANANANo Vote
HB338/SB218 - Summer SNAP Program: Renaming the food stamp program to food supplement program; requiring State to provide matching funds to Counties for a supplement for each child in a household that receives federally funded benefits under the food supplement program; provides that the combined State and County supplement shall equal $30 per month in June, July, and August and $10 in December; etc.1111Passed
SB882/HB740 - Ban on Ghost Guns: Ban includes DIY Kits, guns without serial numbers, and 3D printed guns. These guns can only be used a few times and are not traceable because they lack serial numbers, making them good weapons for criminals and poor tools for self-defense.NA11-1Passed in House
SB737/HB786 - Long Gun Loophole: Provides that a person who is not a licensee may not complete the transfer of a rifle or shotgun as transferor or transferee, except under certain circumstances; requiring the transferor and transferee to meet jointly with a licensee and request that the licensee facilitate the transfer; requiring a licensee to take actions when facilitating a transfer; etc.111-1Passed in House
SB1030 - The Education Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (The Kirwan Commission): In 2016, the General Assembly passed legislation to create “Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education”. The Commission submitted a report to the General Assembly in 2019 with recommendations to improve education in Maryland. The General Assembly voted to provide up to $1.1 billion in new funding over the next 3 years. In FY 2020 $255 million will be distributed for education to support 3 areas: increasing teacher pay, expanding pre-kindergarten, and creating “community schools” in high-poverty areas. Funding for the Kirwan initiatives will pull from casino revenues, new online sales taxes, and other dedicated funds. 1111Passed
Total 6/105/1313/131/13
Letter GradeDFAF

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