Oppose family separation on June 9th in DC!

Where are the Children? Help Reunite Families

Thousands of children, some younger than 12 months, are separated from their families and housed in government detention centers. We believe the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy of separating immigrant families is immoral, unjust, and un-American. This cruel policy must end, and families must be reunited at once.

Please join us on International Children’s Day, June 9 from 10:00 am to 5:50 pm to oppose this injustice. National Mall in Washington, D.C., between 12th and 14th Streets.

More information

***WISE women who want to attend, please meet at Severna Park, Park & Ride at 8:30 AM on 6/9   If you are planning to meet and go together, PLEASE EMAIL (stephanieorr@rocketmail.com).  Thank you!
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