Can you attend and provide testimony this Monday at the County Council meeting about why you think fair housing is important for Anne Arundel County?


  • MONDAY, JULY 1 AT 7:00 PM
  • Arundel Center – Council Chambers44 Calvert StreetAnnapolis, MD 21401 

    Councilwoman Sarah Lacey has introduced a bill on fair housing and it needs our support.  Can you attend and provide testimony on why you think fair housing is important for Anne Arundel County?

    Anyone wishing to speak on legislation may sign up beginning at 6:30 p.m.

    Q: Why is a local fair housing bill necessary? Don’t the federal government and the state already regulate fair housing?

    A: Yes, but those federal and state laws aren’t sufficient in themselves for Anne Arundel County to protect our residents from unfair discrimination in housing. Bill 55-19 extends protections for people seeking housing in the County (whether buying or renting) beyond the minimum that federal and state law require. Importantly, the bill will prohibit housing discrimination based on a person’s citizenship, gender or sexual orientation or expression or others’ perceptions of these, marital status, and source of income.  Read more about Bill 55-19 here. and here.  And, please read this excellent article on source of income discrimination.

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