Please speak for the trees today!

ACTION NEEDED on Bill No. 68-19
AAC Council has been struggling with a piece of legislation that will help protect our trees.   Developers are fighting this every step of the way.   Environmentalists are fighting to strengthen it or at least use it as a starting point.  The deforestation in our county is shameful and devastating.
Public hearings were held a few weeks ago and a few of our huddle members spoke.  The council is scheduled to vote Monday October 21.  Amendments  are being proposed to weaken the bill.
Please call and/or email your council member and other council members between now & Monday to let them know that you support the original bill – #68-19.
Amanda Fiedler represents District 5 where many of us live.   Amanda was endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters but hasn’t supported any legislation that would help the environment.
If you are not District 5, find your county council person here
From Chesapeake Bay Foundation, read here.
From the Sierra Club, read here.
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