Save the remaining AACo forests! ACTION NEEDED on Bill No. 68-19 which has been significantly weakened. Our county council needs to know that we support a much stronger forest conservation bill.

AAC Council has been struggling with a piece of legislation that will help protect our forests and greenways.  Developers are fighting this every step of the way and have gained ground.  On Oct 21 the majority of the council members voted for amendments that  significantly weaken a very strong forest conservation bill in favor of development. The amended version of the bill slows forest loss but does not stop it. Haven’t we lost enough?
On November 4 the Council has the opportunity to vote and pass the weaken legislation or they can also propose amendments to strengthen it.
 We need a stronger bill!
As County Executive Pittman has stated As the county executive said “We are less than 5 percent of the state’s landmass but are responsible for 40 percent of its forest loss. We allowed more forest to be destroyed in the last decade than Calvert, Prince George’s, Howard, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City combine.”
Please call and/or email your council member and other council members between now & Monday to let them know that you support adding amendments to strengthen the amended bill – #68-19.
Amanda Fiedler represents District 5 where many of us live and has voted in favor of all the weakening amendments.
If you are not District 5, find your county council person here
From Chesapeake Bay Foundation, read here.
From the Sierra Club, read here.
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