Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Summit

Delegate Alice Cain and other supporters of full funding for the Kirwan recommendations  (Blueprint for MD) for education reform are sponsoring a summit from 2-5pm on Dec 7th.  Please spread the word, and attend if you can!

Only 40% of Maryland high school graduates are college or career ready, and that’s IF they graduate. Unfortunately, Anne Arundel County schools actually trail neighboring counties in per pupil funding and state educational rankings. Our schools are in a crisis, and if not addressed soon, our economy will follow. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is legislation designed to make MD schools on par with the best schools in the world! This means better equipped teachers, universal pre-kindergarten, accountability for school funding, and closed opportunity gaps.

Local leaders, parents, students, educators, organizers, and elected officials are coming together at the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Summit on December 7th in Annapolis where we’ll be discussing the impact that the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future can have on our schools here in Anne Arundel County. All who participate will have an opportunity to contribute to this once in a generation movement to revolutionize our schools!

Imagine if every teacher at your school was National Board Certified, paid as a true professional, and had the time to collaborate and prepare for every class. Imagine if your school had a full time school nurse, additional school counselors, and connections to local community service organizations. Imagine if all parents of 3 and 4 year-olds could choose to send their kids to Pre-K, where their children can develop a strong foundation for learning. And imagine if every school had robust special education, English Language Learning, and community school programs so that ALL students received a world class education. That is the world we’re looking to build, and it starts right here in your community.
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