Support the Maryland Fair Elections Act!

Maryland elections are increasingly fueled by wealthy individuals and corporate donors.  As these large donations drive elections, it’s easy to feel like the voices of ordinary people like you and me don’t matter. But there is good news: Maryland legislators are considering a proposal to empower residents in the electoral process. The Maryland Fair Elections Act would set up small donor public financing for statewide races through a Fair Elections program.
Please contact your lawmakers (Members – Find My Representatives) Marylander needs a Fair Elections Program, please support SB0613/HB1125! Hearings are Feb 20, 1PM in the Senate (EHEA) and Feb 27, 1PM in the House (Ways and Means).
Montgomery County, Howard County, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City have set up Fair Election programs to amplify the voice of everyday people and reduce the influence of large donors by providing matching contributions for small donors to candidates who don’t take large and corporate contributions.  During Montgomery County’s first election using the system, qualifying candidates received nearly twice as many individual donations as those who choose traditional fundraising. [1]  Now, we’re thrilled that our state leaders are considering a similar policy for the state Gubernatorial, Attorney General, and Comptroller races.
The Fair Elections program encourages candidates to spend time fundraising from small donors within their constituency rather than dialing for big dollars. We have an incredible opportunity to build a stronger democracy here in Maryland! We want to flood the legislature with support for this program, so please share this message!

[1] Fair Elections in Montgomery County | Maryland PIRG

**Email for Senate committee of interest:
*Email for Senate committee of interest:
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