Anne Arundel County needs to shut down its 2 coal fire plants and help workers transition!

It’s passed time! Anne Arundel County needs to shut down its two coal fire plants and help these workers transition to good paying, safe jobs! That’s what SB 887/ HB 1545 Maryland Coal Community Transition Bill does!

But Senator Beidle is still not on board! Please contact her and ask her for her support of SB887:  (410) 841-3593

Without transition bills, communities that rely on dirty energy jobs are left holding the bag when these industries close. We all know coal is on its way out – no matter what the White House says. It’s plain wrong to string along workers and communities –  Today they suffer the effects of polluted air and high asthma rates – tomorrow they will be left without a job and with little security.

Maryland has 6 coal fire plants – 2 are in Anne Arundel County. We need Senator Beidle to get on board to close these plants and to support the communities affected by the closures.  Contact Senator Beidle today and then fill out the link below to contact D33 legislators.  

Click here.



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