Please donate unused n95 masks!

Fellow WISE women – Emergency workers need your help to stay safe during this pandemic!
WISE Women,
We need your help. We have received requests from police officers, ER nurses and additional healthcare workers for the n95 masks. As many of you are aware the stores have been stripped and online ordering is unavailable. The panic buying of masks by the healthy population is making it difficult for those who are sick or those who come into contact with the virus everyday to find the equipment they need to stay safe.
WISE is asking anyone who might have a few on hand to DONATE new unused N95 masks so we can distribute to frontline emergency workers. Please drop off the masks in a large blue cooler under the carport at 509 Evergreen Road, Severna Park, MD.We will not be labeling the cooler as the masks are such sought after items we do not want to have them stolen from the donation location. Thank you for anyone who can help.
Stay safe and stay healthy! – Jess Gorski, WISE Healthcare Huddle Facilitator
Email from one of our neighbors in West Severna Park:
Hello Neighbors,
I am an anesthesiologist at Anne Arundel Medical Center.  Basic medical supplies and personal protective equipment are already hard to come by during this pandemic, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  I am writing to ask if anyone has any n95 masks that they can donate to the anesthesiologists in my group?  Perhaps you might have a few of these on hand from home improvement projects?  We can use them to help take care of critically ill patients and keep ourselves safe (and thus able to keep working!) while we do so.  If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  The shelves at Ace, Clements, Lowe’s, Home Depot etc are empty.

Thank you so much.  Please stay safe and healthy! Sincerely, Hanni M.
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