Can you help by donating some supplies? Drop off in Severna Park

From the coordinator of the Lighthouse shelter:

I reached out to Department of Social Services and the Homeless Coordinator, and they have requested the following items:

Cleaning supplies (specifically Lysol/Clorox)
Hand sanitizer (any sizes)
Toilet paper
Microwaveable foods
Kids healthy snacks… (Approx 60)
Cases of Water……   (Approx  20)
Hand Sanitizer………(Approx 30 Any Size)
Heavy Duty Trash Bags… (Approx 5 Boxes)
Can openers
Our needs and request are changing by the hour and day.  We surely appreciate you and your group jumping in and helping out.  Whatever you all can do would be wonderful, thank you in advance.
We are so fortunate to have a WISE woman that will have a collection box at her house, so please drop any donations by this Wednesday at 1pm.
2 sunset Drive, Severna Park,  Cape Arthur.
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