Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest THIS Saturday in Pasadena! Please come and please spread the word!

Black Lives Matter Protest THIS Saturday, June 6th at 2pm!!!
Tick Neck Park 7750 Edwin Raynor Bouldvard
Pasadena, Maryland 21122
More info here.

Beautiful opportunity to Show Up for courageous, young African American organizers hosting a peaceful protest in Pasadena on Saturday June 6th at 2pm! Participants will meet at Tick Neck Park. Bring your masks, sunblock, floppy hats, kiddos, pets, and L♥️VE. RSVP to get the latest details including exact route which will be posted on Friday. This is a HUMAN problem and we ALL need to Show Up!!

**To white people:  remember our goal as white allies is to amplify the voices of people of color and create a safe space for the organizers to express their power while we show up in solidarity with their message (NOT to make the event about us).**
Be prepared for the possibility of counter protesters. Historically, Pasadena is 1 of many sources of deep, public racial tensions that result from our country’s racialized, class stratified economy. Many working class white community members have heard and embrace the narrative that people of color are to blame for their problems. In reality we know that working class whites suffer from the same system that oppresses Pasadena’s black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) community members. To the white people reading this, because of this, your presence as white allies is POWERFUL. In addition, you may be asked to form a barrier to protect black protesters or to help out in another way. The more people who show up peacefully, the less emboldened counter protesters might be. 
Let’s keep up the pressure on elected officials! We hope to see you there!
✊🏼 #EndWhiteSilence #OnePasadena #BlackLivesMatter”
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