Please Act Now to decrease police violence by 72%!

Data proves that together these eight policies can decrease police violence by 72%.

Please visit this website to find out more and read the study!  You can also request that the mayor of Annapolis be added to the list:

Please take ACTION by emailing the Mayors of Baltimore and DC.  

Sample letter below.

To:  Mayor Muriel Bowser. Email

To:  Mayor Bernard Young. Email

Dear Mayor,

My name is ___________________. I live in Severna Park (MAY NEED TO CHANGE) which is not Baltimore, but I am writing to ask leaders like yourself to take action on this. 

Campaign zero has provided 8 policies that, at your discretion, could be enacted today. These 8 policies have demonstrated the ability to decrease police violence by 72%. The 8 policies are as follows:

Ban choke holds and strangleholds

Require de-escalation

Require warning before shooting

Exhaust all other means before shooting

Duty to Intervene

Ban shooting at moving vehicles

Require use of force continuum

Require comprehensive reporting.

For more information you can visit This is one of the many pathways toward reforming our broken systems. Please don’t choose between this and other efforts, this is not an “either/or”, but a “both/and.” Add this to all that you are already doing, there is a role in the good fight for everybody. I urge you act today.



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