Write the County Council to ask them to reject AACPS transportation cuts!

Write the County Council to ask them to reject AACPS transportation cuts!
The Board narrowly voted to cut ALL the new transportation positions from the budget that were supposed inefficiencies that, according to an independent evaluation, could save AACPS millions of dollars and improve the safety and well being of our students.  The county council can stop this by withholding their needed approval
The funds in question are $750,000 of $1,3 billion dollar budget (0.05%!) and are being repurposed for mental health support positions.  We believe the budget should be re-examined to locate alternative funding sources for these positions.
Year after year, transportation improvements have been among the first things to go when looking to reduce the budget.  It is an equity issue, with students with the least support at home being forced to miss school due to unreliable transportation.  It cannot, and should not, be delayed yet another year.
Council emails:
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