Recent news articles have highlighted the plight of Dr. Andrea Kane, the Superintendent of schools of Queen Anne’s County.  In a recent lengthy newsletter to parents  she included the need for the students to become more educated on the issue of racism and related topics.  Some parents and other supporters are upset because they view this as her imposing her political beliefs on the students which “violates school’s policy.”  Consequently a large group Of parents(700+) have signed a petition demanding her removal.  Opposition support groups and neighboring county Boards of Education have supported Dr. Kane. Previously Dr. Kane served 22 years in Anne Arundel County which included serving as a school principal.  More info here.

At a  meeting of the local Caucus of the African American Leaders, Carl Snowden announced to the president of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education that the Caucus will be asking for a letter of support be sent to the Queen Anne’s County Board of Education on behalf of Dr. Kane.  YOU CAN HELP!  Please  write to your district  AA County Board of Education representative to vote in in favor of supporting Dr. Kane.  The motion is due to be voted on at their next meeting, Wed. August 26.  A list of board members and their contact information can be found here.

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